Update 1/9/15: All contact links have been removed from this site. After site transfer has been completed (likely end of February), new links will be added.

Update 12/17/14: Dan Morrison has offered to take over this site and I have accepted his offer. I will work with him over the next few months to familiarize him with the applications I use to update the site.

NOTE: This site has been active since November 8, 2003.

Even though I sold my last Europa on October 25, 2010, I have kept the site up. At times, I have amassed a lot of backed-up email while I attended to other matters, stealing the occasional hour or two to update the site when I could. I have 45 emails in the queue currently, and plan to get to them as time permits.

Both web hosting and domain registration run out on this site on April 13, 2015 and I don't plan to renew either.

The site is a mix of GoDaddy Hosting and hosting on my local server (GoDaddy was not fast enough on message searches). Much of the code is done in Microsoft ASP, and a most updates are done with assorted Visual Basic 6.0 applications running in the debug mode.

If anybody wants to continue the site, please let me know before the registration runs out.

Thanks for all of your assistance in making this the premiere site for Lotus Europa enthusiasts!

Jerry Johnson

Lotus Europa News

Articles and other interesting goodies. This site relies heavily on your shared information.
  • Have a Lotus Service Bulletin lying around?
  • How about a brochure or other publication?
  • Old photos gethering dust (I can scan photos/slides/negatives)?
  • Want to share your Lotus experience?
  • Can you draw cartoons or caricatures?
  • What will make Lotus Europa Central better?

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