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  • Lotus Europa Twin Cam Body-only - 7/28/15

    Comes complete with doors, hood and engine cover. I'm looking for $500USD for the whole thing. I'm located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I can help arrange shipping. The body obviously needs work and there are some holes behind the seats that would need to be patched up. Contact me at or 78O-7O9-6746.

    1971 Lotus Europa S2 - 7/28/15

    Selling my mostly original, Cirrus white S2. Bought 1098R ten years ago as a very original S2 even up to having the federal emissions equipment still installed. The previous owner lost interest in the car and let it sit outside for several years. Even in Arizona, it rains. I received the car with moderate corrosion but with most of the systems frozen up except for the engine. Working on it off and on for the last ten years, turned a non-running car into a good solid runner. I need to move onto other projects so I'll leave it to the next owner to complete the restoration of this car. These are the changes or modification to the car from original due to worn or failed parts or to enhance reliability:

  • new front control arm bushings
  • new front and rear Spax dampers and front springs
  • Twin cam alloy wheels with Sumitomo HTR200 185/60R/13 tires
  • Facet electric fuel pump
  • Weber 32/36 DFEV with electric choke
  • new water pump/new temperature sender/refurbished original radiator
  • seats recovered
  • new aftermarket brake master cylinder
  • front calipers rebuilt
  • steel braided front brake lines
  • after market cooling fan
  • gear reduction starter with remote starter relay
  • alloy swirl tank
  • solid state voltage stabilizer

    The stuff that still needs to be fixed or done:

  • Paint, the car still has the original factory paint and it shows. It really needs a new paint job.
  • the headliner is missing
  • the firewall insulation has been chewed up by mice
  • the electrics need to be gone through, the fuel gauge and turn signals do not work
  • windshield surround is missing
  • non original dash

    Most of the original parts that were replaced have been retained and will come with the car. All of the bright work and glass are in very good to excellent shape. Additional photos are located on:


    Joji Tokumoto
    Fallbrook, CA


    1973 Lotus Europa TCS/JPS - 5/18/15

    Offered for sale is a 1973 Lotus Europa TCS/JPS. The car is a true JPS, placard number 188. The Europa had been sitting in the back of the original owner’s garage since the early 80s. The son of the original owner decided to restore the car as a gift to his father. The son put in considerable time and money restoring the car and getting it back on the road. Unfortunately, the car developed a head gasket leak after less than 100 miles. Greatly discouraged, the PO decided to cut his losses and put the car up for sale. I, as the third owner purchased the car and put it back on the road. In examining the Europa, the PO did an excellent job on his restoration. For a 40 year old car, the car has remained pretty much stock with the exceptions detailed separately. Most of the modifications were done for safety or reliability purposes. This car was originally sold in California and spent it's entire life in California. Most of the OEM equipment have been saved and is included with the car.

  • All emissions equipment were removed long ago
  • The frame and all suspension pieces have been painted with all new suspension bushings.
  • The interior is overall excellent with the original carpets having some wear. Will include a new carpet kit with the purchase
  • All of the chrome and bright work are excellent.
  • Detailed engine bay.
  • The paint is the original JPS black. Unfortunately under the California sun some of the paint is faded and thin in spots. Overall the paint is good.
  • 5-speed 365 transaxle with new output shaft seals
  • Brand new Nexen 185/60/13 on all four corners mounted on original Lotus alloy wheels
  • DBE cassette water pump assembly
  • Gear reduction starter with remote starter solenoid
  • Spax adjustable shocks with new springs
  • Adjustable rear lower link
  • Radiator fan relay and override switch
  • Nissan/Datsun F10 brake master cylinder
  • Electric fuel pump
  • DBE tubular headers
  • Stainless steel muffler
  • Odyssey PC630 battery (will include a spare full size battery)
  • All replaced original OEM parts parts have been saved and are included
  • PertroPertronix electronic ignition, not installed, is included

    In closing, these ugly little ducklings (tongue in cheek, I own several Europas) have long been undervalued. Driving a well sorted out Europa down a twisty mountain road is close to achieving Nirvana as one can get and the new owner will soon understand why these cars have the fanatical loyalty of their owners. For its condition and rarity, I have priced the car at what I believe is a reasonable $25,000. The car is located in North San Diego County, California. Contact me, phone or email for addition info or pictures.

    Joji Tokumoto
    Fallbrook, CA

    Europa S2 Body - 5/18/15

    All Paint removed. A few cracks repaired. Then primer. Doors open. No rear hood. $1500 or OBO.

    Brian Jenkins

  • Gaskets for Renault Engines - 5/18/15
    • Cross flow head gasket set - $125.00
    • Cross flow intake manifold gaskets - $6.25 each
    • Head gasket w/ rubber strip for cam well - $16.00
    • S1 manifold gasket - $18.00
    • Cross flow exhaust manifold - $18.00
    • Oil pan gasket, cork, new production - $15.00
    • S1 or S2 head gasket set - $65.00
    • S1 or S2 complete overhaul gasket set - $125.00
    • Large water pump gasket - $7.50
    • Shipping via USPS 1st Class Parcel rates to USA, Canada and overseas
    • Contact

  • Project Car and Parts - 5/11/14
    • I have a project car, extra body, extra frame,and a custom miata suspension rear subframe and jigs, 5 speed gearbox as well as a renault medalion complete drivetrain.
    • The car is a 72 It has a rebuilt by previous motor that has not been run. 4 speed gearbox that looks to be in excellent shape. I have two windshields, two sets of seatframes, all the suspension and stock wheels. I have boxes of electrical mechanical parts etc for it. The car is non op, I have a pink in my name and the numbers on plates, frame, engine match. $ 4000
    • The spare body is the same model and has a bit of damage in the right rear but is definitely usable. $700
    • Spare frame rough shape. $100
    • Extra 5 speed from fuego unknown condition. $400
    • Renault medalion drivetrain $400
    • Feel free to ask any questions. I am in Long Beach CA.
    • Thank you - Bill Jarvis

  • Koni Coil Over Shocks - 2/16/14
    • 1 pair Koni Coil Over Shocks 8212-1088B - Double Adjustable. Rebuilt by Todd Thompson (ProTrack). Never installed or used since rebuild. $600 plus shipping. Listed for sale on other sites as well. Located Zanesville, Ohio. email:

  • 1971 Europa S2 Parts - 11/20/13
    • Trunk Lid/Engine Cover - No hardware included
    • Original Workshop Manual and Carburetor Manual
    • Contact Brian Godsy (256-797-8911)

  • Renault Thermostat – Low Temp - 5/18/15
    • Makes your engine run cooler.
    • 160F – 71C opening temperature.
    • $ 13.00 each, delivered to USA.
    • Actual shipping cost to other locales.
    • Contact

  • Cylinder Head Locating Tools - Renault Engines - 1/3/13
    • Locating dowels and gauges for either wedge or cross flow Renault engines.
    • T-handle and two (2) locating dowels for either head - $45.00
    • U-gauge for wedge head only - $50.00.
    • Dual diameter pin gauge for cross flow head only - $40.00
    • Liner hold down fixtures, not pictured - $35.00
    • Shipping via USPS 1st Class Parcel rates to USA, Canada and overseas
    • Contact

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