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  • Lotus Twin Cam Engine, Complete

    Dry sump TC motor for sale

    This is the little history I have on this motor. The Europa TC this motor was originally installed in was used in local autocross events. The engine was removed out when the owner decided to convert the Europa to electric drive. The mileage on the engine is unknown but knowing the past usage as an autocross car, assume the engine was used hard and will require a tear down and inspection prior to installation. The motor turns over easily although the valve clearances are very tight.

    The dry sump system is of unknown manufacturer. The system includes a two stage side mount pump , oil tank and hoses.

    The stock oil pan and pump is included if desired to go back to stock.

    Also Included is the distributor, tubular headers, and the stock Strombergs

    Asking $2900

    Local pickup only, motor is located in the San Diego area.

    Email: jtokumoto@earthlink.net

    High Balance Tube Manifold available on order
    For those Federal Europa owner wanting to eliminate the stock intake manifold with a cleaner looking alternative, I have a machinist able to produce high balance tube manifolds for the twin cam Lotus engine on order.
    Designed to replicate the non emissions European intake manifold of the Stromberg head Elan and Europa, it is machined from aluminum billet and tubing and is a direct bolt on for the federal twin cam Europas and Elans.
    To save labor costs only minimal finishing work was done. The surface finish is acceptable but some may want to have additional polishing performed.
    I've already had two sets made up. I kept one set and sold the second set. My machinist is willing to make up additional sets provided there is a minimum of two orders. Contact me for additional details.
    What is included:
    1. (1) Left and (1) Right manifold
    2. (1) Balance tube
    3. (2) Screw in hollow plugs
    4. Butyl sealing O rings for the balance tube
     $400 for the set plus shipping

    Joji Tokumoto
    Send email to: jtokumoto@msn.com
    Fallbrook, CA

    Lotus Book:
    LOTUS 46 the Europa S1
    By Kevin Whittle
    CONTACT: kwhittle@btconnect.com or www.whittlebooks.com
    This book is a great tribute to the original, best, and most under appreciated of all the Europas!
    Hard back, case bound a4 size on 175 gram art paper, 130 pages. Signed and numbered book, only 250 printed.
    £34 Plus post
    UK £5
    EU £12
    USA £16

    Chrome Plated Wheel Nuts and Washers - 5/7/18

    • Chrome plated, closed end lug nuts and washers for Lotus Twin Cam Alloy Wheels.
    • These fit 3/8-24 OEM wheel studs, and the hex fits a 3/4" deep well, thin wall socket.
    • Set of 16 = $125.00 delivered to USA, lower 48 states only.
    • International shipping slightly higher.
    • Contact steve.veris@sbcglobal.net

      Closing Panels Set for S2 Europa - 4/30/17

      • Complete set for S2 Europas.
      • Includes front and rear wheel arch panels and both pieces for front compartment.
      • Patterns traced from OEM parts.
      • Cut from waterproof black automotive cowl board.
      • $60.00 plus shipping via USPS Priority Mail or 1st Class Parcel rates to USA, Canada, and overseas
      • Shipping via USPS 1st Class Parcel rates to USA, Canada and overseas
      • Contact steve.veris@sbcglobal.net

      Gaskets for Renault Engines - 8/1/17

    • Cross flow head gasket set - $80.00
    • Cross flow intake manifold gaskets - $6.25 each
    • S1 Intake manifold gasket - $18.00
    • Oil pan gasket, cork, new production - $18.00
    • S1 or S2 head gasket set - $85.00
    • S1 or S2 complete overhaul gasket set - $145.00
    • Large water pump gasket $10.00
    • Shipping via USPS 1st Class Parcel rates to USA, Canada and overseas
    • Contact steve.veris@sbcglobal.net

      Renault Thermostat - Low Temp - 8/1/17

      • Makes your engine run cooler.
      • 160F ? 71C opening temperature.
      • $13.00 each, delivered to USA.
      • Actual shipping cost to other locales.
      • Contact steve.veris@sbcglobal.net

      Cylinder Head Locating Tools - Renault Engines - 8/1/17

      • Locating dowels and gauges for either wedge or cross flow Renault engines.
      • T-handle and two (2) locating dowels for either head - $45.00
      • U-gauge for wedge head only - $50.00.
      • Dual diameter pin gauge for cross flow head only - $40.00
      • Liner hold down fixtures, not pictured - $35.00
      • Shipping via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate to USA or 1st Class Parcel Rate to Canada, and overseas
      • Contact steve.veris@sbcglobal.net

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