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  • 1971 Lotus Europa S2 project - Maryland - 10/11/16

    Contact: John Nesbitt 202-361-8369 (before 9pm EST, please) or goldleafteamlotusATgmailDOTcom

    I bought this car 15 years ago, ran it for a few years, and then took it off the road with the intention of doing a frame-up. I started disassembly, but life intervened and the car sat. Now, health issues prevent me from resuming the project, so I am selling it.

    Current state:
    I have garaged the car the entire time. The bodywork is complete. I removed one door and the front/rear hoods. The body was originally Carnival Red. A previous owner repainted it blue. I cannot see any damage to the bodywork. I expect that, when you remove the paint, you will find the “usual” cracks/crazing. I cannot see any damage to the frame. The bumpers are off the car but part of the sale. I stripped the exterior and interior. The dashboard (damaged) is still in place with all instruments. (The speedo did not work.) The original windshield is out of the car but part of the sale. All other glass is still in place. One seat (rocky condition) is part of the sale. The crash pad was/is damaged. The steering wheel, exterior lights and badges, and radiator/fan are gone. The engine/transmission is still in place, the body is still on the frame, and the wiring harness and brakes are still in place. The engine “ran when parked” but it has not turned over in some years. The engine and transmission numbers match the chassis plate. The previous owner had the twin fuel tanks reconditioned. However, there is gas sitting, so they probably need cleaning. The car is on dollies, with mismatched wheels (one Lotus steel) and old tires that do not hold air. Plan to move it on the dollies.

    Additional parts
    The listing includes the following new parts: Chassis and body: Two S2 seat frames (Banks) and some door rubber. Two wing mirrors (bullet-style). Rear cross beam. Two brass door hinge sets (Banks). Front suspension: Uprights (vertical links). Trunnions, stub axles, wheel bearings, miscellaneous fittings. Antiroll bar (Banks). Engine: Miscellaneous rebuild parts (crankshaft and rod bearings (standard and repair sizes), rings, etc.), plug wires, oil filters, complete engine gasket set (less sump gasket), bottom end gasket set. Timing chain, tensioner, camshaft and crankshaft sprockets. Transmission: Aardvark revised shift linkage. This corrects the guess-a-gear problem with older OEM shift linkages. See: http://www.talbotco.com/lotus_cat.htm Clutch: NOS clutch plate and throw-out bearing. Brakes: Front brake pads. Rear brake drums, shoes, backing plates, adjusters, wheel cylinders. Intermec brake pipe set (British S2, it appears), plus extra pipe. Cables: Speedometer, clutch, a generic heater/choke (all Banks). Also two windshield wiper racks. Electrical: Two complete headlight units (Banks) with chrome rings. Hella horns. Aardvark fresh air fan (flange type). See link above. Indicator and rocker switches. Large assortment of wiring in various gauges and colors (PVC coating), plus connectors and relays (British Wiring). Miscellaneous repair parts for side marker (L841) lights. Steering: Steering rack and column repair parts, including track rod ends, bellows, flexible coupling, and Europa adaptors. Wheels: Four NOS Dunlop steel wheels. These are the correct size (4 ½ J 13) but do not have the Lotus scallop-shaped cutouts.

    The listing includes the following used parts:
    Complete transmission (336). Two cylinder heads. Two camshafts. Crankshaft. Manifold. Trailing arm. Miscellaneous electrical, engine, gearbox, and drivetrain parts.

    The listing includes the following tools:
    A small box of specialized Renault engine tools. Some automotive tools.

    The listing includes the following documentation:
    Manuals: Europa Workshop Manual (updated to Nov. 1971), Europa Parts List, and Owner’s Handbook (all in as-new condition). Lotus Europa Service Notes (used). Other: Lotus ReMarque magazine collection and Lotus West tech manual (original). Renault 16 parts, workshop, and tooling manuals (useful for sourcing engine and transmission bits).

    There are over 25 boxes of new/used parts. This is in addition to the pieces that do not fit in a box (ARB, trailing arm, cross member, transmission, heads, seat frames, and bumpers). You will need to bring a truck/SUV, as well as a trailer.

    Terms of sale:
    I have done my best accurately to describe the condition of the car. Please ask any questions before buying. You are welcome to inspect it at a mutually convenient time. I have posted some representative photos. The car is for sale as-is, where-is, with no warranty expressed or implied. Clean Maryland title in my name. Price: $2000 firm. Cash or Paypal only. $500 is due within three days. Balance of $1500 on delivery. Buyer must collect the car and parts from our house in northern Montgomery County within one month of sale. You will need a trailer (and likely a winch). NOTE: This is the basis of a restoration project, not a running car. I will not split the item list.

    Gaskets for Renault Engines - 10/10/16

    • Cross flow head gasket set - $75.00
    • Cross flow intake manifold gaskets - $6.25 each
    • Head gasket w/ rubber strip for cam well - $16.00
    • S1 manifold gasket - $18.00
    • Cross flow exhaust manifold - $18.00
    • Oil pan gasket, cork, new production - $15.00
    • S1 or S2 head gasket set - $65.00
    • S1 or S2 complete overhaul gasket set - $125.00
    • Large water pump gasket br />
    • Shipping via USPS 1st Class Parcel rates to USA, Canada and overseas
    • Contact steve.veris@sbcglobal.net

    Renault Thermostat - Low Temp - 5/18/15

    • Makes your engine run cooler.
    • 160F ? 71C opening temperature.
    • $ 13.00 each, delivered to USA.
    • Actual shipping cost to other locales.
    • Contact steve.veris@sbcglobal.net

    Cylinder Head Locating Tools - Renault Engines - 1/3/13

    • Locating dowels and gauges for either wedge or cross flow Renault engines.
    • T-handle and two (2) locating dowels for either head - $45.00
    • U-gauge for wedge head only - $50.00.
    • Dual diameter pin gauge for cross flow head only - $40.00
    • Liner hold down fixtures, not pictured - $35.00
    • Shipping via USPS 1st Class Parcel rates to USA, Canada and overseas
    • Contact steve.veris@sbcglobal.net

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